July 2017

More Lambs Die

Last month, we reported three lambs died in a five day period at PGA West in La Quinta. Sadly, 3 more lambs died after that, 2 at PGA West and 1 north of Lake Cahuilla. All six lambs died within a month and all had signs of severe upper respiratory illness including weight loss, coughing, nasal discharge, rough coat and lethargy. The sheep that utilize the La Quinta golf courses (PGA West, Tradition and The Quarry) browse in abnormally large groups, which can facilitate the spread of disease. This is the 3rd summer that a number of sick lambs have died on or near these golf courses. There are only a handful of lambs left in this herd and until a fence is built to keep the sheep out of the urban areas, this cycle of disease and death will most likely continue.

Rut Underway