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Path of the Bighorn

Bighorn Institute initiated the public art project, Path of the Bighorn, in 2002, in an effort to educate the public about the plight of the endangered Peninsular bighorn sheep. Alexandra Sheldon was the President of the Board at that time and she spear-headed the project and was largely responsible for it’s immense success. Our goal was to have 40 painted ram sculptures displayed throughout the Coachella Valley. The project far exceeded our expectations and the “final path” included over 100 painted bighorn sculptures. Many of the sculptures have been sold with the funds benefiting Bighorn Institute’s research and conservation efforts for Peninsular bighorn.


Today, 33 of these sculptures are in permanent, public locations that can be enjoyed for years to come. Painted rams are on site from Palm Springs to Coachella at locations such as the Palm Springs International Airport, casinos, private businesses, and children’s organizations such as the Children’s Discovery Museum.


Below is a list of Path of the Bighorn painted ram sculpture names and location where they can be viewed. There is also a list of links that will bring up a map showing the location of each sculpture, by city. If you’re in the Valley visiting or if you are a resident, we would encourage you to follow the Path of the Bighorn and enjoy the incredible art, as well as the immense beauty of this endangered species, the Peninsular desert bighorn.

Map Links for Path of the Bighorn Sculpture Locations

Palm Springs

Rancho Mirage

Palm Desert

La Quinta, Indio, and Coachella

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