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Animals Today Radio Interview June 11, 2016, with Dr. Lori Kirshner regarding the urban-bighorn issues in La Quinta. Facebook Live video tour of BI

Part 1 (click photo to open video) Facebook Live video tour of BI

Part 2 (click photo to open video)

Recent Bighorn Sheep News:

Nevada Department of Wildlife hauls water to remote desert areas for thirsty animals

KSNV 6/8/21


California tries to move cougars who won’t stop eating rare bighorn sheep

The SF Gate 3/30/21

Lone bighorn sheep struck by vehicle near Palm Desert, second ram killed in as many days

The Desert Sun 3/29/21

Voice: Winter bighorn sheep report shows 11 lambs born so far this year; more on the way

The Desert Sun 2/21/21

Valley Voice: Why do our Peninsular bighorn sheep wear collars?

The Desert Sun 11/12/20

'Not one shovel': Save Oswit Canyon completes $7.15M sale, land to be preserved and open to public

The Desert Sun 11/2/20

Bighorn sheep in Palm Springs area to be collared, tagged in helicopter operation

The Desert Sun 10/28/20

Valley Voice: Sheep have issues too

The Desert Sun 4/13/20


The state of the desert's Peninsular bighorn sheep is good

The Desert Sun 2/6/20

Bighorn Institute benefits endangered sheep

The Desert Sun 12/1/19

Desert Dreamers: The Environmentalists

Palm Springs Life 10/30/19


The Big List: Meet 50 people shaping everyday life in the Coachella Valley

Palm Springs Life 10/7/19


The Desert's bighorn sheep herds are looking good. Mostly.

The Desert Sun 10/17/19

Dogs now prohibited on four hiking trails

The Desert Sun 8/27/19

More fencing possible in La Quinta to protect bighorn sheep

KESQ 8/22/19

Summer's tough in the Coachella Valley, but bighorn sheep have figured it out

The Desert Sun 7/19/19

Lambing season has good signs so far for the Coachella Valley's Peninsular bighorn sheep

The Desert Sun 5/10/19

Bighorn may soon be gone from La Quinta courses

The Desert Sun 4/30/19

Getting into Sheep Shape La Quinta

LA Observed 4/28/19

Peninsular Bighorn: Living on the Ledge

Rancho Mirage Insider - Spring 2019


Disease may be killing California desert bighorn sheep

KIRO7 3/15/19

Bighorn sheep are dying in the California desert, and experts aren't sure why

The Desert Sun 1/17/19

Bright autumn forecast for the Coachella Valley's iconic bighorn sheep

The Desert Sun 11/13/18

Coachella Valley bighorn sheep population heads into fall in good shape

The Desert Sun 9/14/18

How (and where) to safely see a Peninsular bighorn sheep in the desert this summer

The Desert Sun 5/27/18

Pizza, Sheep & Shoot-Out - Oh My

The Desert Sun 4/21/18


Coachella Valley's bighorn start next season in big numbers

The Desert Sun 4/7/18

Coachella Valley bighorn forecast sunny for now

The Desert Sun 2/9/18

Heading into 'season,' things looking good for our bighorn sheep

The Desert Sun 1/4/18

Bighorn Institute '2017 Annual Party and Golf Classic'

The Desert Sun 12/17/17

Good signs, bad signs for Coachella Valley bighorn sheep

The Desert Sun 11/9/17

Closing out a prime bighorn season

The Desert Sun 9/13/17

A sheepish summer for our fuzzy desert neighbors

The Desert Sun 6/29/17

Coachella Valley bighorn sheep see favorable time

The Desert Sun 5/20/17

UC Davis will study La Quinta bighorn after sheep began dying of respiratory disease

The Desert Sun 5/12/17

The Coachella Valley's spring of little bighorn

The Desert Sun 4/3/17

Residents dive in to help save bighorn

KESQ 3/13/17

Valley bighorn sheep herds are doing OK

The Desert Sun 2/14/17

La Quinta's bighorn fence to start going up March 1 at SilverRock

The Desert Sun 2/8/17

Bighorn fence options outlined in study to protect sheep in La Quinta

The Desert Sun 1/31/17

Endangered bighorn sheep share a controversial lush life on the greens at La Quinta's desert golf courses

LA Times 1/16/17

Bighorn won't be roaming SilverRock much longer; council OKs fence

The Desert Sun 12/22/16

Bighorn Institute's 2016 annual party and golf classic

The Desert Sun 12/10/16

Coachella Valley's Bighorn Institute 11/18/16

Bighorn Institute: Advocating For The Preservation of Desert Wildlife Since 1982

Coachella Valley Weekly 11/16/16

Tracking bighorn sheep with the Bighorn Institute (video)

KESQ 9/28/16

Environmental groups to sue over endangered bighorn sheep deaths

Press Enterprise 9/27/16

Bighorn sheep keep wandering onto golf courses. Now activists plan to sue to demand a fence.

The Desert Sun 9/27/16

Press Release: Legal Challenge Pursued Over Failure to Protect Endangered Peninsular Bighorn Sheep

Center for Biological Diversity 9/27/16

The Hills Are Alive

Palm Springs Life 9/1/16

Keeping desert bighorn sheep safe from urban threats

The Desert Sun 6/24/16

After bighorn lamb deaths, community looks for answers

The Desert Sun 5/25/16

A fifth bighorn lamb found dead in La Quinta (video)

KESQ 5/19/16

Fifth bighorn sheep death reported in La Quinta

The Desert Sun 5/20/16

2 bighorn lambs die at PGA West in La Quinta

The Desert Sun 5/20/16


Dead Lamb Found at PGA West raising concerns for endangered species (video)

KESQ 5/9/16


Bighorn Institute annual party and 28th annual golf classic

The Desert Sun 11/28/15

Valley Voice: Help Bighorn Institute's valuable mission

The Desert Sun 1/11/16


Respiratory Disease Outbreak Among Bighorn Sheep in Joshua Tree National Park

National Park Service - October 2015

Counting sheep: Biologist helps preserve native species

The Desert Sun 9/17/15


Joshua Tree National Park closes trail for bighorn sheep

The Desert Sun 7/14/15