April 2017

SilverRock Fence Completed

We are pleased to report that the City of La Quinta has installed a bighorn exclusion fence along the toe-of-slope at SilverRock Resort to keep the bighorn sheep off of the golf course. Bighorn have been regularly using the golf course as an artificial food and water source, to their demise. Since 2012, there have been 12 known urban-related bighorn deaths on or near the golf courses and at least 2 lambs have fallen into the canal this spring. We are relieved to have this section of fence completed since many recent urban-bighorn incidents took place on or near SilverRock, particularly sheep wandering onto the busy adjacent streets causing human safety hazards. Our hope is that PGA West, Tradition, and The Quarry will now allow a fence to be built at the toe-of-slope along their properties to keep the bighorn in their native habitat. We appreciate the City of La Quinta building this fence and will keep tracking this herd to see how they fare.