June 2017

Lost Lambs

In late June, three lambs died in a five day period at PGA West and there is still no fence in sight. All of these lambs (2 females, 1 male) had upper respiratory issues, but a necropsy by the state lab should determine their ultimate cause of death. This is déjà vu from last summer when a number of sick lambs died on the golf courses in La Quinta. Those lambs died from upper respiratory illness and had copper deficiencies, which makes them more susceptible to illness. Sulfate-based fertilizers, which are often used on golf courses, have been shown to cause copper deficiencies. But, this is not the underlying problem. The real issue is that these sheep do not belong in an urban setting and until they are fenced out, they will continue to take advantage of these lush lawns. In order for a fence to be built, PGA West must give permission for an easement along their property. In the meantime, many more lambs will likely perish from preventable deaths. Please urge PGA West, Tradition and The Quarry to allow the fence to be built along their properties. We all have to give a little to get these sheep off of the endangered species list.

Bighorn Babysitters