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November 2017

Fundraiser a Success

The Institute’s Annual Party and 30th Golf Classic took place November 19th & 20th and was a great success, thanks to the generosity of our guests! The two-day event took place, once again, at the spectacular Stone Eagle Golf Club. The venue has an amazing wow factor with 360 degree views of the valley and with wonderful weather we were able to dine on the patio of the Aerie Restaurant. It was an exciting evening with incredible food and drinks, a live and silent auction, raffles and much more. The following day, golfers had a great day of play; Stone Eagle’s golf course is second to none. We congratulate this year’s tournament winners: Father Howard Lincoln, Margaret Drury, Eileen Eske, and Sandra Susini!

We’re so grateful to all of the participants, golf pros, donors, and volunteers who helped make this year’s fundraiser a success! A special thanks to Nick Coussoulis and Stone Eagle Golf Club for allowing us to hold our event there as well as Dave Stockton and Stockton Golf for their expertise and generosity in this year’s event. This was the 30th Golf Classic, which is an incredible milestone and one that could only be reached with the loyalty and dedication of golf legend, Dave Stockton.

Newly Collared Sheep

Last month, we told you about an upcoming bighorn sheep capture and in early November, the California Department of Fish & Wildlife captured and radio-collared 21 adult ewes in two of the Institute’s three study areas. Radio-collars are vital for our long-term monitoring projects where we’re looking at herd demography (number of ewes/rams and age structure), reproduction, lamb recruitment, and overall herd health and behavior. We’re excited to track these new sheep and continue to learn more about these herds.

New Lambs

Last month, we reported that we were seeing pregnant ewes in the northern Santa Rosa Mountains and we’re thrilled to report there are 5 newborn lambs in this herd! It’s so amazing to see lambs in November because obviously they’re adorable and fun to watch, but more importantly, because it’s a huge scientific anomaly. Ewes give birth once a year, period. These are second lambs for these ewes, which is just unheard of and we’re so excited to document something so special. We recorded this fall lambing once before, but know of no one who has reported this elsewhere with bighorn sheep. There are still more pregnant ewes so stay tuned for updates on Instagram and Facebook!

Member Hike

Our last Member Hike was a great success as we observed 8 bighorn sheep! Our next Member Hike will be Friday, December 15th at 8:00am. We would love to have you join us, but space is limited, no dogs, and you must RSVP for this first come first served hike. To sign up or for more information, please call us at 760-346-7334 or email us at

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year to think of something fabulous for friends and loved ones, but what do you get the person that has everything?! We’ve got a few ideas that will give you a unique gift, help an endangered species, and get a tax deduction while you’re at it.

* Give a gift membership to the Institute – memberships start at just $25/year & they can join our member hikes!

* Adopt a Bighorn – $100 for a lamb, $150 for an adult bighorn,

*Feed the captive herd for a week - $150

*Help track radio-collared bighorn for a month - $600

All of these are completely tax-deductible and will be an incredible help to us as we continue our conservation work.

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