July 2019

Waterhole Count

In early July, we conducted a waterhole count in the northern Santa Rosa Mountains (NSRM) along with the help of a great group of volunteers! While this year’s high temperatures of 101 degrees paled in comparison to last year’s whopping 117, it’s no easy feat sitting out in the heat all day so we’re extremely grateful to all who came out! Now for the numbers, we saw a total of 72 sheep resulting in a population estimate of 74 + 20 adult bighorn, which correlates well with our fieldwork estimate of 80 adult bighorn. There are at least 19 lambs still running around, which is fantastic for mid-summer and most looked healthy. A few interesting highlights included a ram with a healed broken ankle who’s getting around well, a ewe that recently lost a horn and a new young lamb. So, things are looking good in the NSRM and the waterhole count proved a valuable tool to confirm what we’ve been seeing in the field. If you’d like to participate in next year’s waterhole count in July, let us know!