August 2019

Two More Sheep Perish in LQ without Fence

The sheep suffered two more losses in La Quinta at the end of July and early August. A ram drowned in Lake Cahuilla and a ewe was found expired on a homeowner’s patio in PGA West. Both animals were collected by CA Fish and Wildlife and taken to the state lab for necropsy. We’re especially curious about the cause of death for the ewe so we’ll keep you posted when we receive the results. Both of these deaths likely would have been prevented with a fence in place to keep the sheep away from urban perils. While the fence around PGA West and Lake Cahuilla has finally been approved, we don’t know when construction might start. It can’t come soon enough. Twenty-two sheep have now died in the La Quinta urban areas since the fence was required by the wildlife agencies in February 2014 and was supposed to be built within two years.

Sheep in Rancho Mirage