June 2020

A ewe and her newborn lamb rest in the shade

Lambing Season “Ends”

Lambing season has officially come to a close as it extends from January through June for Peninsular bighorn sheep. However, there are still a few pregnant ewes in the northern Santa Rosa Mountains near Rancho Mirage so there could be more lambs born this summer. You may recall many of these ewes gave birth in the fall of 2019 so this is their “spring” lamb for 2020. In fact, we saw six new lambs born in June in this herd! Many lambs in La Quinta are still alive, but a number of them have been showing signs of illness, particularly on the golf courses. One new lamb was born this month in the San Jacinto herd near Palm Springs, but we’re not seeing many lambs alive here. So, we’ll keep tracking the herds and see what happens and in the meantime, we’ll relish watching these playful little late-comers.