August 2020

Spring Lamb Update

As you may recall, the northern Santa Rosa bighorn herd near Palm Desert/Rancho Mirage had a late spring lambing season due to many ewes giving birth in the fall of 2019. We’re happy to report that nearly a dozen spring lambs are still scampering around the hillsides. The lambs are now 2-3 months old and look good, but the toughest time for a bighorn is between 2-4 months of age when they’re building their own immune system. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that they’ll make it. Meanwhile, we’re still not seeing lambs in the San Jacinto’s near Palm Springs, but there are at least a couple dozen lambs around the golf courses of La Quinta in the central Santa Rosa herd. Hopefully, we’ll soon be over the summer heat hump and cooler, easier days lie ahead for us all.