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February 2021

Annual Membership Meeting

Bighorn Institute’s Annual Membership Meeting was held February 6th via Zoom. We talked about our accomplishments in 2020, plans for 2021 and elected the Board of Directors. We are thrilled to announce and extend our warmest welcome to our newest board members, Danielle Cane and Sylvia Ender! Both are passionate about animals and the Institute’s mission so we look forward to having their help and support in our endeavors. We want to thank everyone that was able to join us for our meeting!

Lamb Update

It’s been a busy month for fieldwork with lots of new lambs a leaping in our local mountains. We’ve seen at least a dozen lambs in the San Jacinto Mountains near Palm Springs and already ten to fifteen lambs in both the central and northern Santa Rosa Mountains (La Quinta area and Palm Desert/Rancho Mirage area, respectively). Lambing season extends through June and many more ewes should give birth in the coming months so we’ll keep tracking them and see what we find! Stay tuned!

NEW Thrift Store for BI

Beginning March 1st, the Antique Galleries of Palm Springs will be setting aside vendor space for Bighorn Institute to have a mini-thrift store. The emphasis will be on smaller, high-quality items such as: jewelry, coins, bullion, pen sets, small clocks and watches, crystal, statuary and decorative items, antiques and collectibles, etc. All donated items are tax-deductible and 100% of proceeds benefit the bighorn! You can take your items directly to Antique Galleries of Palm Springs (505 E. Industrial Place, just south of downtown off Sunny Dunes) and ask for Mike or Thomas. If you can’t take your items in, give us a call and we can help collect them 760-346-7334. Thank you!

Two rams move off of a trail as a hiker approaches.

Please Don’t Feed the Sheep

We recently heard a disturbing report of hikers trying to feed the bighorn sheep on our local trails. Peninsular bighorn sheep are an endangered species and it is illegal, and unethical, to feed them. Wildlife is best kept wild and that happens when we don’t encroach on them in their habitat, including trying to lure them with food. While we certainly hope you get to see these amazing animals while out hiking, please keep your distance and do not approach them for any reason.

Denizens of the Steep Video

As backcountry skiing becomes more popular, it’s important to recreate responsibly

and be aware of potential impacts to wildlife. Denizens of the Steep explores this issue relative to bighorn sheep in the Teton Mountain Range. Click the picture to watch this 10 minute video.

Bighorn Sheep Canvas Prints

Want a beautiful bighorn sheep canvas print?! Get yours now for just $100 plus shipping (or pick up at BI for no additional cost). To order a 16” x 20” print, call the office 760-346-7334 or email us at: Your choices are pictured. Saw a different photo in a monthly update or on our website you’d like? Give us a call and we’ll see if we can print the photo of your choice. Please allow for two weeks for processing plus shipping.

Recent Article

Valley Voice: Winter bighorn sheep report shows 11 lambs born so far this year; more on the way


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